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Which is better? Bamboo vs steel scaffolding

Which is better? Bamboo vs steel scaffolding

Steel or tubular scaffolding is manufactured from an aluminium tube or galvanized steel and connected by couplers or steel fittings, it is easy to assemble and dismantle and steel scaffolding also has better resistance to fire, whilst remaining more robust and durable. The downside is that it’s more expensive than bamboo, it requires skilled labour to assemble and requires regular maintenance. But the benefits of steel outweigh the initial cost, and it is also considered the safest option for workers.

Bamboo Scaffolding has been popular in Asia for thousands of years. It in use in places such as Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. The benefits include the fact that it is environmentally friendly, has a better tensile strength and is much cheaper than steel.

Conversely, bamboo has diminished in use due to a shortage of material and labour and recent safety concerns. Organic scaffolding such as bamboo also weakens over time.