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What type of scaffold do I need for my building project?

What type of scaffold do I need for my building project?

There are three main types of scaffolding: supported platform scaffolding, suspended scaffolding and adjustable scaffolding. The unique requirements of your building project will determine which of these three to go for.

If your building project is at a site with firm and even ground, the supported platform scaffold will be a good choice. But, if you are building on soft or uneven ground, you should go for either a suspended scaffold or an adjustable scaffold. But, besides the site topography, your type of construction will also influence your choice of scaffolding. For example, suspended and adjustable scaffolding are ideal for very high buildings with perfectly square or rectangular dimensions while buildings without a perfectly boxed dimension would work well with a supported platform scaffold.

If you are still unsure about the type of scaffolding that would work well with your building project, call us on 01273 257201, an expert will be available to walk you through your choices.