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How often do you inspect a scaffolding?

How often do you inspect a scaffolding?

It is the responsibility of Ace Scaffolding Brighton and other scaffolding hiring companies to ensure that scaffolding has been inspected before first use, at least every seven days and after a hazard such as heavy rain or high winds that could jeopardise the safety of workers on the scaffold.

Scaffolding inspections must be conducted by a competent person whose experience, training and knowledge are appropriate for the complexity and type of scaffold. A competent person might be an individual who received training to inspect a type of suspended scaffolding system from a manufacturer or someone assessed under the CISRS.

A site manager who attended a scaffolding inspection course could also be deemed competent. The inspector should note issues that could affect the health & safety of workers on the scaffold and corrective actions that should be taken to fix the problem or prevent it from recurring.