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What are the types of scaffolding?

What are the types of scaffolding?

Steel scaffolding is the primary option for residential buildings in Brighton. It is made from steel tubes set jointly by couplers or steel fittings. It has greater durability, robustness, superior fire resistance, is easy to erect, dismantle and provides the best safety for workers.

Trestle scaffolding is used for heights not more than 5 metres. It is used for residential jobs such as paintings, repairs and interior construction work.

Patented scaffolding is made from steel but fitted with special frames and couplings. Suspended scaffolding is used for repair works, paintings and other similar maintenance work. It is suspended with the support of wire ropes and chains. It can be lifted to the desired level whilst the working platform is suspended from roofs.

Kwikstage scaffolding is made from hard wearing galvanized steel. It is easy to erect and dismantle. It is useful for any type of residential scaffolding and can be built to your desired height.

Single scaffolding is used for brick masonry and consists of ledgers, standards, putlogs and more. Double scaffolding is used for stone masonry. Two rows of scaffolding are built to make the holes in the walls stronger. In cantilever scaffolding, standards are supported on needles taken out through holes in the walls. It is used where the upper part of the wall is under construction or the ground cannot support standards.